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Accounting / Bookkeeping

Our standard services consist of the following activities:

  • regular bookkeeping of received accounting documentation from the Client,
  • examination of formalities,
  • archiving of accounting documents,
  • issuing of invoices according to the Client’s instructions,
  • processing of financial statements (annual accounts),
  • processing and filing of tax returns and reports related to all types of direct and indirect taxes,
  • communication with local authorities and the timely performance of legal duties towards them,
  • reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis, according to the Client’s requirements;
  • preparation of documents for audit, cooperation with auditors during the audit,
  • representation of the Client during local surveys and inspections by local authorities,
  • preparation of documents for a competent authority to decide on approval of the annual accounts and its filing into the Collection of Deeds,
  • disclosure of financial statements in the Commercial Journal when required by law,
  • preparation of financial statements according to International Accounting Standards IFRS.
We further provide remittance service including communication with the banks, as well as support during the preparation of annual accounts, the processing of financial statements and income tax returns when the accounts are processed internally.

Outsourcing of accounting and financial consulting is one of the most pillars of PF/ACT, s.r.o. We are able to provide the Clients with superior service due to great range of expertise and stability of our staff. Our team has extensive experience of bookkeeping for both local and international Clients, so it possesses necessary language skills.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at to set up a personal meeting with us.


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