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Ready-made companies

The main advantage of a ready-made company is its speedy process of transfer to the new shareholder who becomes legal owner of the Company immediately after the transfer of shares (executing the Agreement on Transfer of the Ownership Interest). There is no need to wait about 3-4 weeks, which is the approximate time since executing the Foundation Deed until registration of the Company with the tax office (issuing the Tax Certificate).

Corporate documents are drafted in accordance with applicable legislation, so there is no threat of registration refusal from the Commercial Court based on formal grounds. This is often the case of filings when files are downloaded from the Internet or documents are provided by friends.

By acquiring a ready-made company, the Client gets a corporate entity with a history from several weeks to several months, which helps to overcome the psychological barrier of his business partners, so common while trading with newly-established companies.

Ready-made (shelf) companies, ready for doing business and executing business contract with no further delays associated with their incorporation, are suitable mainly for the Clients being in a time pressure. These companies are active in eight most frequent businesses. They are an interesting option for anyone who wants to launch a new business, or for the Clients who expand their existing business. We are ready to tailor-made Company’s business activities according to the Client’s request.

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